Are You a Shark or Are You A Guppy?

Exposed as a symbol of strength, Shark Tooth displays the proud masculinity and potency. They are often supposed to brighten the fate when carried and as a sign of the strength it is predominantly worn by the warriors, go-getta's. The clear sign of shark's energy is the primed for focus! Energies of Sharks tooth are Self Confidence, Self Trust, and Inner Power.

Before they were a fashion statement, shark teeth were used as a method of survival. Native Hawaiians, called them Leiomano, and they served as weapons and to prepare food. They were even passed down to royalty! So basically, your shark tooth necklace is fit for a Queen.

Now it's up to you to decide. Are you a SHARK, or are you a Guppy?


Grab your Sugar Scout Sharks Tooth Pendant Necklace to solidify your style and purpose.

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